Lucia D'Amato Architect

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Small residential building in Sulmona, L’Aquila

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First project realized as unique designer, it is an house in the province of L’Aquila with the aim of having a safe anti-seismic building for a single family of 5 people.

The building has been realized on an existing basement in reinforced concrete hosting garage and deposits, that slightly influenced its planimetrical shape. The body of the house, the ground floor, has been designed, in continuity with this basement, with a structure of concrete pillars and enclosures realized with double walls to create sufficient insulation to have a thermally balanced environment also in absence of mechanical heating or chilling (provided by ceiling plants). The upper floor, in order to face the need to have an anti-seismic structure, is built with light steel profiles, realized out of the construction site and just positioned in place once assembled, providing a significant reduction of the whole weight.

Architectonically speaking, the building is characterized by wide windows at the ground floor facing the garden and providing natural lightning of the interiors during the whole day; wide roof plates also emphasize the profile of the construction, providing perimetral protection and creating a deep porch on the outside, in continuity with the internal living space.

The materials used are combined to have a clear colour effect (also for thermal reasons in order to face the high summer temperatures) through the use of white plaster, light artificial stone, natural durmast for the lower part of the roof.

The interiors are homogeneous with the exteriors in terms of colours and materials. Wood and glass are protagonists in the main ambient, the living room, together with the travertine of the floor. In the living room, a wooden stair in view, protected by a glazed bulwark, brings to the upper floor.

A big part of the furnitures has been designed on purpose for this project. 

In particular, the tables present in this space have been designed contextually to the architectural project and expressly realized by craftsmen on designer’s project.